Polarized light fun for Dummies

This article will tell you nothing about the physics of polarized light. I guess, I just don’t care to explain it and neither do you care about reading that here. You may read the exact physics somewhere else – if you actually bother to. I wouldn’t too much…

Here comes only some odd practical part. With maybe all the ingredients at your home! And it’s not even dangerous, thus no „don’t do this at home, kids“ but exactly the opposite: try it, kids!

1. Take a pair of 3D cinema glasses. (The ones they sell you for 1,50€, which you take home because you bought them, which scratch so fast that you buy a new one for the next film, and of which you therefore have 5 pairs at home for no reason. Yes, these!)
2. Open anything on your (flat-) screen that produces a relative white screen. Facebook will do, or any empty, new document. This article will do as well.
3. Take a few random pieces of translucent plastics, e.g. a CD case or a bottle, foils might be too thin.
4. Hold the plastic in front of your screen.
5. Take on the glasses.
6. Be freaking amazed!

7. Share this (if you like and bother to). Online or even in the real world*. (*hand the glasses to someone in the office when they sit in front of their computer and hand them some CD case.)

8. Optionally read about the physics of polarized light. If you understand it, read about circular polarized light. (I applied it a bit in my scientific life, but I never really got the hang of it, I have to confess. Just don’t bother with the deeper physics of circularly polarized light, will you? It causes more headaches than fun. I prefer the fun side of physics, I have to admit.)

Enjoy anyway.

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