Pilgrimage day 7: the Sand Sculpture Exhibition in Hundested

If you are in Zealand, this place here is my absolute recommendation to go to! The Sand Skulpture Festival in Hundested takes place every summer from May to October.

They use special sand and compact it with heavy machines in wooden frames. Then artists cut huge sculptures into the sand.

This year’s topic was „Time Travel“, which was such a wide topic, that the variety of sculptures was very enjoyable.

I quite like panoramas! It takes a while to shoot them, it takes time to compose them, to cut them etc. But it is absolutely worth it! And usually I upload panoramas in a higher resolution, so you can have a nice and detailed view around once you clicked on them. This here is 4000px wide.
If you enjoy panoramas, too, and request higher resolutions in the future, drop a comment below.

The kraken and the T-Rex were just absolutely cool!

A giant octopus. One of its arms appeared in a neighboring sculpture ground again, as seen in the panorama.
A life-size T-Rex head with a couple of chickens, as some of its distant modern time cousins.
An Indian with a hole in his forehead.

And through the hole you can see the sculpture in the background:

How brilliantly sculptured is that?

I thought I’d sort this post with the most brilliant pieces at the end. Doesn’t work, too many are just plain awesome!
So it is sorted with the neutral pictures first, and some nudity at the end. Stop at the warning, if you do not approve on sand-sculptured nudity.

One of these tourist-stick-your-head-through-a-wall-for-a-very-very-funny-holiday-picture …
… and its backside! How funny is that?
This and the meditative one before were close to each other. I am not exactly sure if this is coincidence or if there is some deeper meaning or if it’s just a joke.
A shelf in a shed had a couple of 30x30x30cm pieces.
Again very remarkable, how lovingly the artists carve into pure sand.
Another one of these small sculptures. I somehow like chameleons.
Then again there was this three meter high build in the inside exhibition. I quite like the three-dimensionality, the general style of flat surfaces that nicely mimics the original black and white style as well as depicted shape details of Picasso’s original. It depicts a 1937 German-Italian Fascist bombing of the town Guernica in the Spanish Civil War.
My time spent in front of such pictures is usually the small amount of minutes that lie between „gosh, what a brilliant depiction of such a topic“ and „why do people kill each other?“. I usually evade the presence before I actually start to cry.

History in school never moved me – as we learned a lot of facts.
Art on the same subject, however, does – because it teaches the emotions.

Once the emotions into a historical subject are awakened, reading the facts and background flows naturally. If you have a couple of minutes now, read the Wikipedia article on Guernica (en, or de) and stop at your personal bearable amount of suffering, and maybe transform your emotional history lessons it into being forgiving, welcoming and generally nice to fellow humans for a couple of days. 🙂

A three-meter-high book in the style of old prints. This was also the only sculpture that showed some kind of coloring.
How many miles below the sea was that? 20,000 or so, isn’t it? Well, it is the distance they traveled and the German translation is rubbish, so to set your knowledge right: they traveled 20,000 french lieues, which is 80,000km and their maximum depth was 16km.
The main part of a 2m big oblique panel scenery. The house looks absolutely cool. How can someone cut such a thing from pure sand? It is unbelievable to me.
(The figurine is made from plastic and pinned into the sand, rather than made from pure sand. 😉 )
There was a shelf of sand samples from all over the world, collected by a local seaman.
I do not know how that is with you, but I always find it funny to see my first or second name somewhere. A vial from the Berlin Wall – in German the „Berliner Mauer“ – is certainly intriguing enough for me to take a picture*. 😉
* many of these pictures only have funny content, but are not good pictures with decent aesthetics. This here is at least good enough to show it.

Do you have the same urge to take a picture when your name appears or names of friends?
Well, some people’s names are not suitable for this game at all. Sorry for that. Mine just are, and I use it for my own amusement!

A giant Flying Dutchman. Check out all the details there. Marvelous!

And now comes what we have all been waiting for:

Warning: from here on there is some nudity!
Please deal in an appropriate manner with that.

(E.g. check that your coworkers do not accidentally see you reading this post. 😉
Lucy. Not in the sky with diamonds, but the ancient ancestor one. Well, one is named after the other anyway.
Some symbolization of life and death and time and stuff.
What I found most brilliant here was the woman’s smile.
Isn’t that an adorable smile? Stunning, that someone was able to shape this so accurately into a big block of compressed sand.

Now the most brilliant art work! However, it is a video and you have to watch it on YouTube. And due to the content, you should be over 18 and I hope it will not be censored at some point. 🙂

If something with the video embedding here fails, the link is: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/DB3JZMPF-uQ
It’s not a listed video on YouTube, so you can only see it when you know the link. Feel free to share the link if you think it is important for someone to see. Feel also free to share this entire article of course. 🙂

That’s it from the Sand Sculpture Exhibition. I really enjoyed being there. I hope you really enjoyed the pictures from it as well.

See you soon,

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