Mind people with mental health problems

Through the usual serendipity*, today I became aware of Mind. They care about humans with mental health problems. For example they offer a hotline for people in psychological need.
„We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.“

Well, these people deserve my full support.
They state that £100 will enable them to answer a dozen calls.
And even if from that, just one of them manages to cope better (or at all) with their situation it’s worth it.

Thanks, Mind, for your offers and activities. I highly appreciate your work. 🙂

[*For the further interested reader, usual serendipity today meant: reading a post about some related topic on Facebook – the most serious post in a while in a supposedly formally intelligent community -, thanking the author, chatting a little with her, visiting her website for vintage clothes, realizing that 5% of their profits of it go to charity and this month they donate for Mind. Thanks for the idea. I’m in. Serendipitously. 🙂 ]

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